Local Court Rules Submission Process

The comment period for the proposed local rules is now closed. Thank you for your participation in the process.

The process of amending or changing local rules is governed by Rule 28.1 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Arizona. The superior court bench approved the proposed rules at its monthly bench meeting August 7. The Court now invited public comment on the proposed rules, and that period ended at noon, September 22, 2017.

The Court will next submit a request for approval with the Supreme Court clerk. Per Rule 28.1 (f), this Court will submit all comments it received with its application for approval.

Once the application for approval and attendant documents have been submitted to the Supreme Court, that court may enter an order opening a 60 day time period for public comment on their website. Rule 28.1(g). At the expiration of the comment period, the Supreme Court will consider our application. The effective date of the new rules, if approved, will be the date on which the order approving the rule or amendment is filed, unless the Court orders otherwise. Rule 28.1(h).

The Supreme Court website for proposed local rules can be found at The Supreme Court Rules Forum can be found at

Thank you.
Kyle A. Bryson
Presiding Judge, Pima County Superior Court

Review Proposed Rules - until noon on September 22, 2017

A .pdf formatted document will open in a separate window.
The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the document.

Invitation for Public Comment - until noon on September 22, 2017
After reviewing the proposed rules, if you wish to submit comments,
click this link for instructions on how to submit comments.
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