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 DivJudicial OfficersBenchInformation 
63/ELisa Abrams, CommissionerFamily Law Bench724-3630      
30Gus Aragon, JudgeCivil Bench724-8005  click for additional information about Gus Aragon
58/IJohn J. Assini, CommissionerFamily Law Bench724-8594      
22Jeffrey T. Bergin ADR, JudgeCivil Bench, Presiding Judge &
Civil Arbitration Bench
12Deborah Bernini, JudgeFamily Law Bench724-3113      
55/FLisa Bibbens, CommissionerFamily Law Bench724-8481  click for additional information about Lisa Bibbens
4Janet C. Bostwick, JudgeCriminal Bench724-8690      
25Sean E. Brearcliffe, JudgeCriminal Bench724-3029      
27Christopher Browning, JudgeFamily Law Bench724-3875  click for additional information about Christopher Browning
5Kyle Bryson, JudgeSuperior Court, Presiding Judge724-4215      
66/QJane Butler, CommissionerFamily Law Bench724-4416      
9Michael J. Butler, JudgeCriminal Bench724-2204      
15Javier Chon-Lopez, JudgeJuvenile Bench724-3620      
54/LDean Christoffel, CommissionerJuvenile Bench724-3136      
64/OJulia Connors, CommissionerProbate Bench724-4512      
11Jane L. Eikleberry, JudgeCriminal Bench724-9031  click for additional information about Jane L. Eikleberry
SRHoward Fell, Judge Pro TemCriminal Bench724-4250  click for additional information about Howard Fell
59/JGeoffrey Ferlan, CommissionerFamily Law Bench724-4472      
18Richard S. Fields, JudgeCriminal Bench, Presiding Judge724-8434  click for additional information about Richard S. Fields
VETeresa Godoy, Judge Pro TemDrug Court &
Criminal Bench
8Richard Gordon, JudgeCivil Bench724-9889      
56/GPatricia Green, CommissionerJuvenile Bench724-8176  click for additional information about Patricia Green
1Brenden J. Griffin, JudgeJuvenile Bench724-3906  click for additional information about Brenden J.  Griffin
2Charles V. Harrington, JudgeProbate Bench, Presiding Judge724-8169  click for additional information about Charles V. Harrington
13Peter Hochuli, JudgeJuvenile Bench, Associate Presiding Judge724-2726      
57/HLori Jones, CommissionerFamily Law Bench724-3625      
61/MSusan Kettlewell, CommissionerJuvenile Bench724-2079      
21Cynthia T. Kuhn, JudgeCivil Bench724-9901      
53/DJennifer Langford, CommissionerJuvenile Bench724-9891  click for additional information about Jennifer Langford
3Kenneth Lee, JudgeSuperior Court, Associate Presiding Judge &
Criminal Bench
724-8531  click for additional information about Kenneth Lee
67/RCathleen Linn, CommissionerFamily Law Bench724-7684      
6Danelle Liwski, JudgeMental Health Court, Presiding Judge &
Criminal Bench
724-3686  click for additional information about Danelle Liwski
10James E. Marner, JudgeFamily Law Bench, Presiding Judge724-9055  click for additional information about James E. Marner
LFCasey F. McGinley, Judge Pro TemCriminal Bench724-3667  click for additional information about Casey F. McGinley
16D. Douglas Metcalf, JudgeJuvenile Bench724-3708  click for additional information about D. Douglas Metcalf
7Leslie Miller, JudgeCivil Bench724-9417  click for additional information about Leslie Miller
14Richard D. Nichols, JudgeCriminal Bench724-3567      
52/BAlyce Pennington, CommissionerJuvenile Bench724-4210  click for additional information about Alyce Pennington
50/ADeborah Pratte, CommissionerJuvenile Bench724-9376      
19Kathleen Quigley, JudgeJuvenile Bench, Presiding Judge724-4485      
20Scott Rash, JudgeFamily Law Bench724-8045      
TOLee Ann Roads, Hearing OfficerCriminal Bench &
Civil Bench
62/NGilbert Rosales Jr., CommissionerJuvenile Bench724-2997      
23Greg Sakall, JudgeFamily Law Bench724-8301      
60/KLaurie B. SanAngelo, CommissionerFamily Law Bench724-3385  click for additional information about Laurie B. SanAngelo
51/CKen Sanders, CommissionerFamily Law Bench724-3115      
29Sarah R. Simmons, JudgeCivil Bench724-3932  click for additional information about Sarah R. Simmons
28Paul E. Tang, JudgeCriminal Bench724-3001      
24Joan Wagener, JudgeJuvenile Bench724-9910      
17Catherine Woods, JudgeCivil Bench724-9897      
65/PWayne E. Yehling, CommissionerProbate Bench724-9894      

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