Bench Assignments
Bench Case Assignments Effective, December 1, 2017
Judge Wayne Yehling will move to juvenile court and assume Judge Brenden Griffin's calendar; Judge Griffin will move downtown and take Judge Gus Aragon's civil calendar; Judge Aragon will assume a criminal calendar to be built of reassigned cases; Judge Renee Bennett will assume Judge Chris Browning's family law calendar; Judge Browning will assume Judge Sean Brearcliffe's calendar, along with some reassigned cases; and Commissioner Gilbert Rosales will move from juvenile court downtown and take over a probate commissioner calendar. Juvenile Court will be down a judicial officer until the commissioner rotation February 4, and during this time the cases that had been assigned to him will either be managed by the rest of the juvenile court bench, or reassigned.
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 Superior Court 
Kyle Bryson, Presiding Judge724-4215
Kenneth Lee, Associate Presiding Judge724-8531

 Criminal Bench 
Danelle Liwski, Presiding Judge724-3686
Gus Aragon, Judge724-8005
Deborah Bernini, Judge724-3113
Janet C. Bostwick, Judge724-8690
Christopher Browning, Judge724-3875
Michael J. Butler, Judge724-2204
Howard Fell, Judge Pro Tem724-4250
Richard S. Fields, Judge724-8434
Teresa Godoy, Judge Pro Tem724-3242
Kenneth Lee, Judge724-8531
James E. Marner, Judge724-9055
Casey F. McGinley, Judge Pro Tem724-3667

 Civil Bench 
Jeffrey T. Bergin ADR, Presiding Judge724-3527
Richard Gordon, Judge724-9889
Brenden J. Griffin, Judge724-3906
Cynthia T. Kuhn, Judge724-9901
Leslie Miller, Judge724-9417
Sarah R. Simmons, Judge724-3932
Catherine Woods, Judge724-9897

 Juvenile Bench 
Kathleen Quigley, Presiding Judge724-4485
Peter Hochuli, Associate Presiding Judge724-2726
Javier Chon-Lopez, Judge724-3620
Kellie L. Johnson, Judge724-2966
D. Douglas Metcalf, Judge724-3708
Joan Wagener, Judge724-9910
Wayne E. Yehling, Judge724-9894

 Family Law Bench 
Scott Rash, Presiding Judge724-8045
Renee Bennett, Judge724-3567
Greg Sakall, Judge724-8301
Paul E. Tang, Judge724-3001

 Probate Bench 
Charles V. Harrington, Presiding Judge724-8169

page_white_acrobat.png December 1, 2017
Judicial Bench Assignments

 Court Commissioners 
Lisa Abrams724-3630
John J. Assini724-8594
Lisa Bibbens724-8481
Jane Butler724-4416
Dean Christoffel724-3136
Julia Connors724-4512
Geoffrey Ferlan724-4472
Patricia Green724-8176
Lori Jones724-3625
Susan Kettlewell724-2079
Jennifer Langford724-9891
Cathleen Linn724-7684
Alyce Pennington724-4210
Deborah Pratte724-9376
Gilbert Rosales Jr.724-2997
Laurie B. SanAngelo724-3385
Ken Sanders724-3115

 Hearing Officers 
Lee Ann Roads724-4370

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