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 Judge Danelle Liwski

Judge Danelle Liwski
Division 6
Arizona Superior Court in Pima County

Telephone: (520) 724-3638


   Originally from Colorado and New Mexico, Danelle completed her undergraduate degree at New Mexico State University. She then completed her first year of law school at the University of New Mexico, transferring in her second year and earning her law degree from the University of Arizona.

   Danelle began practicing law in 1990 and spent a very short time in civil practice before discovering that she preferred the courtroom. In February of 1991 she started with the Pima County Attorney’s Office where she worked in the criminal division and community prosecution unit. In January of 2000 she left the County Attorney’s Office to work as an Assistant United States Attorney.

   While at the United States Attorney’s Office, she worked in forfeiture and immigration. In September 2003, Danelle was appointed by the Honorable Hector Campoy to serve as a part-time Hearing Officer/Commissioner. Danelle was then appointed by Governor Jan Brewer to serve as Superior Court Division 6 in 2011.

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