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Instructions for Confidential Information Sheet

  1. The form is designed for use in domestic violence cases when you seek a protection order and want to keep your address confidential. The form will be kept in the Clerk’s records and not disclosed to the defendant.

  2. You can print the form or prepare it on your computer. The form works best when prepared on your computer. If you choose to print a blank form and write answers, be sure to type or use an ink pen.

  3. Fill in all spaces. If a space does not apply, write “N/A” in the space for the answer. Do not be concerned about the on screen instructions. When you print the form from your computer, the on-screen instructions will not print.

  4. bullet_error.pngWarning: The Defendant will get a copy of your petition for protection order. If you do not want the Defendant to know an address, do not put it on the Petition. In such cases, use this form. However, if the Defendant knows an address or you do not care if the address is known, then put the address on the form. When an address is on the protection order, the order is clear and the law enforcement response is faster.

  5. Bring the completed form with your original petition for protection order to the Clerk of the Court:

Domestic Desk Clerk of Superior Court
110 W. Congress
Tucson, Arizona 85701


NOTICE: If your circumstance is more complex or you are uncertain that the forms meet your needs, seek legal advice. For assistance in finding an attorney, visit the Pima County Law Library’s Legal Resource page


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