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Instructions for Order to Appear Date

  1. This form is required in Pima County when you request an Order to Appear1.. An Order to Appear is the order of the Court that sets a hearing on a motion. An Order to Appear may apply to temporary, pre-decree matters or to post-decree matters. The purpose of the form is for Court staff to route the Motion and Order to Appear to the proper judge to set a date and time for the hearing. This form is referenced in Local Rule 8.4. Click here to see the Local Rules.

  2. Prepare the form online and then print it for best results. If you choose to print a blank form and write answers, type or use an ink pen. If a space does not apply, write "N/A".

  3. Do not worry about the on-screen instructions. When you print, the on-screen instructions will not print.

  4. You are required to submit this form with your Motion and Order to Appear. Bring the completed form to the Court Clerk when filing your Motion. If you are making your Motion through the mail, mail all completed documents to:

Clerk of Superior Court
Attention: Civil Filing Clerk
110 West Congress
Tucson, Arizona 85701

Be sure when you bring the original to court you have at least two full copies with you. If you file a copy with the Clerk, you must also mail a copy to the other party's attorney. If the other party does not have an attorney, mail the copy to the other party.


NOTICE: If your circumstance is more complex or you are uncertain that the forms meet your needs, seek legal advice. For assistance in finding an attorney, visit the Pima County Law Library’s Legal Resource page


1.The Order To Appear was formerly known as an Order to Show Cause. You will see this reference in the local rules until the final revision of the local rules is completed.

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