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In addition to providing reports at the initial appearance hearing, this agency prepares subsequent reports and recommendations to be used by the Court when modifications of conditions of release are sought. Pretrial Services is also responsible for supervising defendants released to their custody to ensure that the defendants abide by all Court ordered conditions of release.

Intake Services is responsible for the recommendations submitted on all detainees arrested within the previous 24 hours at Initial Appearances. The Supervised Release Program submits recommendations on detainees who are held on bond at Initial Appearances. Pretrial Services must be provided a copy of any Motion to Modify Conditions of Release five days prior to the hearing. Early notification to Pretrial Services is important as the Court will often not act on the motion until Pretrial Services has had an opportunity to verify information.

Supervised Release Caseworkers are also responsible for the supervision of pre-trial detainees released into Pretrial Services' custody. The assigned caseworker should be contacted within 24 hours of the defendant's release to schedule an intake appointment. The caseworker is then responsible to ensure to the Court that the individual under supervision appears at all future court dates and abides by release conditions.

Additional information is also available at the Pretrial Services Homepage.

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