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The Court will appoint attorneys for those criminal defendants who are determined to be indigent. A current screening process determines the defendant's indigency and what, if any, part of the defense is paid for by the defendant. Normally, the Court will appoint the Public Defender, or in the case of conflict, the Legal Defender, to represent qualified defendants.

Contract Counsel

If the Public Defender and the Legal Defender are unable to represent a particular indigent defendant, the Court will appoint an attorney who has contracted with Pima County to provide representation. Information regarding attorney contracts for representation of indigents in felony trial matters, post-conviction relief, appeals, mental health and juvenile matters may be obtained from Office of Court Appointed Counsel (OCAC), Bank of America Building at 33 N Stone Ave, Suite 1901, Tucson AZ 85701. Phone: 520-724-4465.

Court Appointed Counsel

Office of Court Appointed Counsel (OCAC), operating under the Pima County Department of Justice and Law Enforcement, provides the administrative services for the Public Defender and Legal Defender offices. The OCAC Case Review unit is responsible for contracting with attorneys for representation of indigents in Superior Court, Juvenile Court and the Court of Appeals, and for monitoring attorney expenses in accordance with the contract. OCAC staff also works closely with the Court on appointment of counsel to ensure the proper agency or attorney is appointed to the case. In addition, OCAC processes all pay claims for services rendered in connection with representation of indigents. These claims include attorneys fees, expert witness fees, investigator fees, travel expenses and court reporters.

Request for Payment: Pay Claim/Order

All requests for payment of fees for attorneys, investigators, guardians ad litem, expert witnesses or other services resulting from a Court-appointment in either criminal, Juvenile or Title 36 Mental Health matters must be submitted on a Pay Claim/Order form. Pay Claim/Order forms may be obtained from Office of Court Appointed Counsel (OCAC), Bank of America Building at 33 N Stone Ave, Suite 1901, Tucson AZ 85701

*** No substitute forms may be submitted ***

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