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In certain family court cases involving the custody of minor children and parenting time, the parties may request, and the court may order, appointment of a Parenting Coordinator to assist with disputes between parents in matters involving their minor children. A group of qualified attorneys and behavioral health professionals has received training to act as Parenting Coordinators in Pima County family law cases and are eligible for appointment.

The materials on this web site are updates of the materials distributed at the September 18, 2003, training session. While these materials are designed primarily for the use of the Parenting Coordinators, they may be helpful to attorneys and parents who may be thinking of requesting appointment of a Parenting Coordinator, and to members of the public who may have an interest in the program.

Please note that the materials used in a particular case may vary from those appearing on this web site. The web site materials are also likely to be updated from time to time. Whether appointment of a Parenting Coordinator is appropriate in a case depends on a number of factors; and appointment of a Parenting Coordinator is within the discretion of the court.

page_white_world.png Implementing Guidelines

page_white_acrobat.png Parent Information Regarding the use of Parenting Coordinators (PDF)

page_white_acrobat.png Order Appointing Family Court Parenting Coordinator (PDF)

page_white_acrobat.png Parenting Coordinator's Report and Recommendation Form (PDF)  

page_white_acrobat.png Court Order Form for Action on Parenting Coordinator's Report and Recommendation (PDF)

page_white_acrobat.png  Parenting Coordinator Names & Phone Numbers (PDF)

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