for Revocation of Consent to Guardianship
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Instructions for Revocation of Consent to Guardianship

  1. If you choose to print a blank form and write answers, be sure to type or use an ink pen.

  2. Fill in all spaces. If a space does not apply, write “N/A” in the space for the answer.

  3. The form is designed for the simple case. When you file this pleading also send a copy to the other parent and the guardian(s). The clerk will route the pleading to a judge for review. The judge will take action on the pleading and you will be notified of the next step in writing by the court.


    NOTICE: If your circumstance is more complex or you are uncertain that the forms meet your needs, seek legal advice. For assistance in finding an attorney, visit the Pima County Law Library’s Legal Resource page


  4. The Clerk charges a fee for certain filings. The Clerk's web site,, provides fee information, phone and e-mail contacts for your convenience. Fees are subject to change. Check with the Clerk's office to verify actual fee amounts.

  5. Don’t forget to complete the form of order to submit with the Notice.

  6. Mail the completed forms with the attachments to:

Attn.: Probate Division
Clerk of Superior Court
110 W. Congress
Tucson, Arizona 85701

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