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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person Parent Education classes have been suspended indefinitely.  All scheduled classes will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams.
Debido a la pandemia COVID-19, las clases de educación para padres en persona se han suspendido indefinidamente.  Todas las clases programadas se llevarán a cabo virtualmente a través de Microsoft Teams. 
Please refer to the link below for additional information or call the Conciliation Court at 724-5590.

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Divorce and Never-Married Parent Education Program

In an action for divorce, annulment, legal separation, paternity and in some post decree actions involving a minor child common to both parties, parents are required to attend a parent education course. Unless otherwise ordered by the Judge, parties must attend the class within 45 days of filing or being served by a petition.

You must register for and attend the course in person whether or not you are responding to a petition. Failure to attend the course will not delay your divorce, but may result in the court denying you any future requests for relief such as modifications in custody, parenting time and/or child support.

The course is mandated by the Arizona Legislature (ARS § 25-351) to help educate parents about the impact separation, divorce, family reorganization, conflict and family litigation can have on children and parents. The class will provide you with information that can help minimize the stress and harmful effects upon you and your children in what can be a very difficult time in your lives.

Pima County Superior Court will not accept Certificates of Attendance for online parent education classes without prior approval from the assigned Judge. Approval to attend online classes is only granted due to special circumstances, such as, residing out of state, medical conditions.

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