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For the safety of the Pima County community during the COVID-19 pandemic, and until the Governor, Arizona Chief Justice, and health officials have determined it safe to resume large in-person occasions, the Superior Court has suspended its Court Night events. If you would like information about the subject matters typically addressed at Court Night, please contact, and we will do our best to assist you. Thank you for your understanding. 

Twice a year the Arizona Superior Court in Pima County together with the Pima County Bar Association offers Court Night - free presentations designed to educate the public about legal issues and our local legal system. Sessions are offered twice each Court Night date so that you can choose the time most convenient to attend or have an opportunity to catch two of the talks.

We invite you to join us for a practical overview of the subject matters listed below:

Divorce/Custody – Start to Finish
Divorce/Custody – Change/Modify
What is a Dependency?

All Court Night presenters, who are attorney-members of the Pima County Bar Association or the Superior Court, will follow the same basic outline in each session:

1. They will provide a brief introduction to the topic.
2. They will walk through related legal issues and common concerns.
3. They will answer basic legal questions.

For most seminars, free printed materials regarding the subject will also be offered.

Keep in mind, specific cases will not be discussed, and individualized legal advice will not be provided.

In addition to the sessions, representatives from the Child Support Division of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office can answer questions regarding your child support situation.

Other legal-system justice partners and court departments will be at the event as well, providing useful resources and assistance. Additionally, a representative from the Court’s Law Library and Resource Center will be available to answer questions and help explain the forms and information the court makes available online, or at low or no-cost in the law library/resource center.

Session Times:

Session 1 – 4:00 to 5:15 p.m.
Session 2 – 5:30 to 6:45 p.m.

The departments and agencies represented at Court Night are:

The Pima County Bar Association (co-sponsor of the event)

Lawyer Referral Service (a division of the Pima County Bar Association)
Providing lawyer referrals and information about reduced-fee lawyer services.

Office of the Arizona Attorney General – Child Support Services

Offering help with child-support questions.

Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court
Offering basic legal forms and details about initiating a court case, obtaining marriage licenses, passports and orders of protection, and more.

Pima County Juvenile Justice Center
Providing information about the juvenile justice system for families with children under the age of 18 including adoption and guardianships, Family Drug Court, the ACES program, and more.

Superior Court’s Family Law Conciliation Court

Offering information about free mediation, parent education services and community resources for Pima County families

Superior Court’s Interpreter’s Office
Providing an overview of interpretation and translation services offered by the Court and has on hand Spanish bilingual brochures and literature.

Superior Court’s Law Library and Resource Center
Offering helpful information for self-represented litigants and the public about the forms, packets and services available in the library, access to documents and templates on the Court’s website, and much more.

Interpreter Availability: Spanish-speaking interpreters are in attendance during the event to assist you. Other language support may be requested by calling (520) 724-3888

Parking: Parking is free at both locations

Cost: None, all Court Night sessions and materials are FREE

Preregistration: Not required

For more information, contact or dial (520) 724-4264

The Superior Court in Pima County prohibits the solicitation, distribution and posting of materials and services not specifically authorized by the Superior Court at this event. The organizers reserve the right to remove disruptive attendees.


The Arizona Superior Court in Pima County is located at 110 West Congress Street and is open 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for court holidays.

You can access self-service forms, legal records, the court calendar, and a host of additional information at:

Krisanne LoGalbo

Community Relations Coordinator and Public Information Officer

110 West Congress Street
9th Floor
Tucson, AZ 85701
(520) 724-4264

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