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Requirements to Establish Coverage

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Documentation Requirements to Establish Coverage under ADA/504, Title II

In order for the court to assess and provide reasonable accommodations under ADA/504, Title II it is necessary to document a disability is recognized and covered under the ADA. The mere presence of a condition or impairment does not necessarily qualify an individual as “disabled” under ADA/504. It is the requestors sole responsibility to provide documentation for the purpose of determining eligibility for services.

Acceptable documentation must be typed and include:

Clear and specific statement of diagnosis and degree of functional limitation to one or more major life activity

Name and credentials of evaluator

Signature of professional evaluator and be dated on professional letterhead

Description of any behavioral, cognitive, medical, or other features accompanying the disability that may relate to requested accommodations

Medical side effects that may warrant requested accommodations

Specific rationale for any recommendations should be provided


Unacceptable documentation includes:

Prescription pad diagnosis

Social Security disability benefits card or paperwork

Handwritten, illegible or incomplete documentation

Scratch paper

Phrasing such as “appears”, “suggests”, “is consistent with”, “has a problem with” or similar wording in diagnosis statement or summary

Unsigned psych-ed reports

Letters from Vocational Rehabilitation counselors or other secondary sources

VA forms that merely state the percent to which a person is considered disabled

Case notes without additional documentation