for Request and Affidavit for Post-Decree Mediation
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Instructions for Request and Affidavit for Post-Decree Mediation

  1. The form is for use in a family law case as the first step to request post-decree or post-judgment mediation. This form allows you to request mediation as an alternative way to resolve disputes before a formal court hearing.

  2. Mediation is beneficial to create or modify parenting time plans for your children. There is no charge for mediation. Mediation is a privileged, non-adversarial meeting with a professional mediator. For more information about mediation, visit the Conciliation Court website.

  3. You can print the form or prepare it on your computer. The form works best when prepared on your computer. If you choose to print a blank form and write answers, be sure to type or use an ink pen.

  4. Fill in all the spaces that apply. If a space does not apply, write “N/A” in the space for the answer.

  5. Do not be concerned about the on screen instructions. When you print the form from your computer, the on-screen instructions will not print. Sign the form on page 3 as “Affiant” before a notary or wait and sign it before the Clerk of the Court.

  6. File the completed and signed form and two copies with the Clerk of the Court at:

                            Clerk of Superior Court
                            Attn: Domestic Desk
                            110 W. Congress
                            Tucson, Arizona 85701

  7. You must arrange to have the Request and Affidavit served on the Respondent/ Defendant and any other party who is entitled to notice. Service is the official way to give notice. The other party or parties will have 20 days to file a counter- affidavit if they want to.

  8. If you have not received notice of the outcome and a date for mediation 20 days after the service, you may proceed to Step 2. (Request for Order Granting or Denying Request for Mediation)


NOTICE: If your circumstance is more complex or you are uncertain that the forms meet your needs, seek legal advice. For assistance in finding an attorney, visit the Pima County Law Library’s Legal Resource page


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