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With its robes and its rituals, the judiciary is the least known and perhaps the least understood of the three branches of government. Nevertheless, its daily decisions and rulings affect each of us deeply. The courts help resolve society’s disputes, large and small, business and personal, protecting our rights as citizens and preserving constitutional liberties.

The Arizona Superior Court in Pima County is an Arizona state general jurisdiction court, which handles felony criminal, as well as civil, probate, family law, and juvenile matters.

Because the judiciary plays such an integral role in society, we hope to make the judicial system more understandable and more accessible through our (virtual) visits by members of our Speaker’s Bureau.

The Superior Court maintains a panel of judges and court directors available to speak to your class or community group on a wide variety of issues and topics, including, but not limited to: the justice system, the Constitution, judicial ethics, separation of powers, Arizona’s courts, juvenile justice, court security, jury service, merit selection and pretrial or probation services - as well as career opportunities in the courts.

To arrange for a speaker, please review the “Request a Speaker” brochure, then fill out and return the attached “Speaker Request Form” to the court’s community relations office about 30 days in advance of the proposed date, as court calendars are scheduled far in advance.

Email [email protected] for additional information.

We look forward to sharing the court system with you!

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