for Petition to Terminate Minor Conservatorship and Release Funds
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Instructions for Petition to Terminate Minor Conservatorship
and Release Funds

This is for cases where the minor is now 18 years old and you want to transfer the funds to the former minor.
  1. If you choose to print blank forms and fill in the blanks, be sure to type or use an ink pen. Fill in all blanks. If a blank does not apply, enter “n/a.”

    ** NOTICE: These forms are designed for simple cases. If your circumstance is more complex or you are uncertain that the forms meet your needs, seek legal advice. For assistance in finding an attorney, visit the Pima County Law Library’s Legal Resource page. **

  2. To complete a termination of conservatorship, you will need the following:
    1. Petition to Terminate Minor’s Conservatorship and Release Funds
    2. Order Terminating Minor’s Conservatorship and Releasing Funds. The Order shall be accompanied by a 9”x12” manila envelope with a Confidential Filing Label affixed to it. The Conservator shall complete the following information on the confidential filing label: (1) Case Name; (2) Case Number; (3) Filed by (name of Conservator); and (4) Title of document.
    3. Receipt of Funds by Former Minor. This is filed after the minor receives the funds.

  3. Provide the original Petition to Terminate Minor’s Conservatorship and the Order, plus one copy of the Petition and Order, and the manila envelope to the Probate Division of the Clerk of the Superior Court, either by delivering them to the probate clerk’s office or by mail to :
    Attn: Probate Division
    Clerk of the Superior Court
    110 West Congress
    Tucson, AZ 85701

  4. The Clerk will give your petition and form of order to a Judge to sign. About five business days after submitting your paperwork, contact the probate desk for information about obtaining a certified copy of the order releasing funds and the required fee for the certified copy. Take the certified copy to the bank to obtain the minor’s funds.

  5. When the funds have been given to the former minor, the conservator must submit a notarized "Receipt of Restricted Funds by Former Minor" to the Probate Clerk for filing. This form should be completed by the former minor and the signature must be notarized. The Probate Clerks can notarize the form for the minor if necessary.

  6. The Court will review the file 30 days after the "Order Terminating Conservatorship and Releasing Restricted Funds" is signed. If the receipt of the former minor is in the file, the Court will then discharge the conservator as to that minor. If the receipt is not in the file, the Court may set a hearing at which the conservator will be ordered to appear.
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