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If you have an A.R.S. (Arizona Revised Statutes) citation, such as 25-315, go to v. 9 and consult the main text and also look in the back of the volume where the pocket part is located. That is how the main volume is updated. To complete your research, consult your section number in the Legislative Service pamphlet located at the end of the set. The section number can be found in the Table of Statutes Affected located in the back of the pamphlet.


Rules of Court are promulgated by the Arizona Supreme Court. The rules volumes are volumes 16 to 17B. Rules are updated in the same manner as updating statutes. Be sure to consult the pocket part and the Legislative Service pamphlets. Rules can also be found on the web at


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Form books are books that contain illustrative forms of commonly used legal documents. A large selection of form books are available in the Pima County Law Library. However, for most Arizona family law forms, four books may be helpful and include the following: Arizona Legal Forms: Domestic Relations, Arizona Practice: Marriage Dissolution Practice, Civil Procedure, 3 v., and Arizona Practice: Civil Trial Practice, 2 v. They are located near the A.R.S.

To find the form that you may need, consult the index at the back of the volume(s). Look at terms that are appropriate for the form that you need. Be sure to consult the pocket part for any revisions since the book was published.

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