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click to open websiteFamily Law Statewide Forms
This link goes directly to the current 15 forms cross referenced in the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure. These are the mandatory forms cross referenced in the statewide rules. They are for use on and after January 1, 2006. The forms can be used in Pima County and all across Arizona for family law matters. The forms are in both Word and Word Perfect Format. They can be saved to your computer or opened and printed directly.
click to open websiteChild Support Guidelines
This link goes directly to the text of the current State of Arizona guidelines. Information regarding development of the guidelines, including economic data and assumptions upon which the Schedule of Basic Child Support Obligations is based, are posted at the Supreme Court site. This link also provides a Child Support Calculator to help you calculate Child Support under the Guidelines.
click to open websiteState of Arizona Model Parenting Time Plans
This link goes directly to a statewide booklet which will give you guidance on custody and parenting time for your children. The booklet contains recommended plans for a variety of family situations. These plans have been adopted as additional guidelines in Pima County. You can use the information to create and guide your own plan.
click to open websiteState of Arizona Model Parenting Time Plans
Spanish version.
click to open website2005 Child Support Calculator
The 2005 Child Support Calculator is an Interactive PDF (Portable Document Format) document that will calculate a child support amount based on the Arizona Child Support Guidelines that took effect January 1, 2005.
click to open websiteArizona Supreme Court Divorce and Custody Site
This site contains links to a variety of helpful forms, booklets, and general information on this subject for the State of Arizona. Topics include child support, custody, parenting plans, self-help, forms, things you should know, and frequently asked questions.
click to open websiteThe Maricopa County Self-Service Center
The Self-Service Center is provided by the Maricopa County Superior Court to help individuals help themselves in court. It contains information, links and forms for use in Maricopa County. The information and forms can be modified for use in Pima County if you cannot locate Pima County information and forms. Be aware that local rules and forms vary between Maricopa and Pima County. Be sure any modified form and steps you take comply with the Local Rules of Pima County.
click to open websiteDivorce Recovery
Divorce Recovery is a voluntary community service in Tucson providing education and support to individuals experiencing divorce or separation. The site contains a list of educational seminars for individuals and their children. Seminars cover such topics as anger management, parenting skills, personality types, step parenting, conscious dating and relating, setting boundaries, saving a marriage, marriage communication skills, coping skills for children, and divorce recovery.
click to open websitePima County School Superintendent
The Pima County School Superintendent's Website sponsors calendar information about Tucson area schools. It presents in map form, and you just scroll your cursor over a district for a link to that district's information.
click to open websiteParent Information Program
This site is for the court ordered Parent Information Program in Pima County. At the site you will find registration instructions. The site also permits online registration.
click to open websiteUS Department of Labor - Qualified Medical Child Support Orders
A State court may require some health plans ( called ERISA plans) to provide health benefits coverage to children of divorce and separation by a qualified medical child support order or QMCSO. This site tells you how enforce or comply with QMCSOs.
click to open websiteArizona Child Support Enforcement Division
Arizona Child Support Enforcement, a division of the Department of Economic Security. State enforcement programs locate absent parents, establish paternity, establish and enforce orders, and collect child support payments. The site contains information, resources and services for both parents who receive and who pay support. Many forms are also provided.
click to open websiteATLAS Online Summary Payment History Request
This link takes you to the Maricopa County Clerk of Court's access portal for records of ATLAS payment history. With your ATLAS # and zip code you can review up to 3 years ATLAS history.
click to open websiteConciliation Court of Pima County
This link connnects you to the webpage of the Family Conciliation Court of the Superior Court of Pima County. The website has information on mediation, conciliation, custody & parenting time evaluations, FAQs and community resources for families involved in court actions.
click to open websiteSelf Help Support
This link goes directly to the Self Help Support.
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