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How to Vacate Some Juvenile Court Ordered Fines and Fees Under Arizona Senate Bill 1197


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Monday, October 30, 2023 by Arizona Superior Court in Pima County

Starting today, under Arizona Senate Bill 1197, you may request that the court vacate (cancel) some monetary obligations charged to you as a juvenile, or to your parent or guardian, if the charges were ordered before October 30, 2023.

Senate Bill 1197 allows people to ask (“petition”) the court that their unpaid supervision fees, diversion costs, detention costs, counseling fees, and even some other financial responsibilities be vacated. However, courts cannot cancel victim restitution, fines, penalties, and certain assessments.

Find out more about the process and what monetary obligations can be vacated.

IMPORTANT: Senate Bill 1197 does not allow individuals to ask for a refund for payments already made on a case.

To ask about fines and fees you may still owe through Pima County Juvenile Court, please contact us at (520) 724-4595 or (520) 724-9445Petition forms and instructions are available online or at the Resource Center located on the first floor of Juvenile Court at 2225 E. Ajo Way.

Background: The Arizona Legislature passed Senate Bill 1197 to authorize several juvenile justice reforms, including changes to what fines, fees, and penalties are allowed to be charged to a juvenile, or to a juvenile’s parent or guardian. This bill was signed into law by Governor Katie Hobbs in May 2023.