Community Relations
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Media Guidelines for Cameras in the Courthouse
script.png Arizona Cameras in the Court Rule 122
script.png Use of Recording Devices in a Courtroom - Rule 122
script.png Admin. Order 2013-34 - Use of Photography and Electronic Devices in the Courthouse
camera.png Courtroom Camera Request Form - Rule 122
script.png Use of Portable Electronic Devices in a Courthouse - Rule 122.1
Court Calendars
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Community Relations Programs
page_white_camera.png Law Day 2008 Photos new.png
photo.png Courthouse Gallery
building.png Courts Are Us
sound.png Speakers Bureau/Courtroom Observation Opportunities
Useful Information
script.png Pima County Community Relations Policy 1105
script.png Access to the Judicial Records of the State of Arizona - Rule 123
book.png History of the Superior Court in Pima County
Krisanne LoGalbo
Community Relations Coordinator
Community Relations
110 West Congress St.
Tucson, Arizona
Phone: (520) 724-4264
Cell: (520) 349-7310
E-mail: Community Relations
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