Adult Probation
The Adult Probation Department's mission is to serve the court, to actively promote community safety, to facilitate positive behavioral change in probationers and to respect victim rights. In performing our mission, we recognize that employees are our most valuable resource and we hold these essential core values: Integrity, Respect, Accountability, Fairness, Compassion, Creativity and Excellence. The Adult Probation Department in Pima County strives to achieve the highest standards in the administration of criminal justice and community corrections.
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David Sanders
Chief Probation Officer

Downtown Office
150 W. Congress St.
1st Floor
Tucson, Arizona 85701
(520) 724-3800
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Eastside Office
8180 E. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, Arizona 85710 (520) 724-4000
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Southside Office
2695 E. Ajo Way
Tucson, Arizona 85713
(520) 724-4800
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Westside Office
3781 N. Highway Drive
Suite 109
Tucson, Arizona 85705
(520) 724-6440
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Pima County Superior Court
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110 W Congress
Tucson, Arizona 85701
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