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In a dissolution of marriage (divorce) or legal separation, one party may request that the court order the other party to pay spousal maintenance. This is a financial support paid by one party to the other party. Spousal maintenance is calculated from many factors. These factors include family size, income, mortgage payments, and expenses.

For a case filed on or after September 24, 2022, if a person is eligible for spousal maintenance, then the court uses the Arizona Spousal Maintenance Guidelines together with the Spousal Maintenance Calculator to determine the amount and duration of the award for spousal maintenance. For information about spousal maintenance rules and how spousal maintenance is standardized across the state, visit Arizona Spousal Maintenance Guidelines.

Use the Spousal Maintenance Calculator below to create a Spousal Maintenance Worksheet. As long as you know the information, or can estimate the information, the online Spousal Maintenance Calculator will do the math for you.

Spousal Maintenance Calculator