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Arizona Superior Court in Pima County

Notice Requesting Comments for Amendment to Local Rule 1.3



Friday, September 2, 2022 by Superior Court

The Superior Court in Pima County seeks public comment on proposed amendments to Pima County Local Rule 1.3. The Court has instituted a new procedure in which jury trials may be commenced any day of the work week. This procedure allows for the more efficient use of judicial resources and reduces the number of people that are called to court for jury service on any given day.

This new procedure requires adjustment of the traditional Monday law and motion day. To best facilitate court hearings, each court division will set a law and motion day that must be approved by the Superior Court presiding judge. This new policy conflicts with current Pima County local rule 1.3. Accordingly, the court amended rule 1.3 as shown below.

Comments on the proposed amendment will be accepted until October 3, 2022.


Pima County Local Rule 1.3. Motions

Each division will hear motions on its scheduled Law and Motion Day unless otherwise ordered. Each division, in consultation with the Presiding Judge, shall schedule a Law and Motion Day for each week. Motions will be heard on Monday of each week or as otherwise ordered. If the division’s designated day Monday is an official holiday, then the next official court day will be designated for the hearing of motions that week. The division to which the case is assigned will set all motions for hearing unless otherwise ordered by the Court.