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How To Apply

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Steps To Apply for Mental Health Court

  1. Make sure your client meets basic entrance criteria (see The FAQ section “Who is Eligible”).

  2. If your client meets this criteria then download these forms:

    1. Arizona Complete Health Release of Information (ROI)

    2. Mental Health Court Application Form

  3. FIRST complete the Mental Health Application Form and Release and send it to [email protected].  Your case will be staffed with the MHC team that meets weekly.

  4. WAIT until you hear from the Clinical Coordinator on whether or not your client has been accepted.

  5. If your client is accepted then proceed to #6.

  6. Request (using motion) that case be transferred to MHC prior to your client’s sentencing (probation eligible is a must) so that the Mental Health Court Judge can sentence them to MHC.

Renee L. K. Hampson (Div. LF)

Judge Pro Tem

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