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Family Court

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The Family Court hears cases involving divorce, paternity & maternity actions, legal decision-making, parenting time, and child support.

Information about child support under the American Rescue Plan's Expanded Child Tax Credit

Lo que usted necesita saber sobre su orden de pensión alimenticia de menores y los pagos anticipados según lo establece el crédito tributario por hijos del plan de rescate estadounidense (ampliado)

Tips for Joining a “Teams” Video Court Proceeding

The Arizona Department of Economic Security answers your child support and unemployment questions


Averhealth Drug Testing: New Broadway Office Location    

     ● 4433 E. Broadway Blvd., Suite 101, Tucson, AZ. 85711 (Formerly 4425 E. Broadway)
     ● Flowing Wells address (no change): 4003 N. Flowing Wells Road, Suite 101, Tucson, AZ 85705

NOTICE: The intent of this web site is not to provide legal advice, but to inform about procedures in family law matters.

It is important that you understand that legal representation or the advice of a lawyer is always beneficial to any person seeking resolution of a legal matter. This web site may answer some of your questions, but there is no guarantee it deals with any and all legal issues that may arise in resolving your matter.

If there is uncertainty regarding a procedure, seek the advice of an attorney. There are serious consequences for people representing themselves and doing so improperly.

Randi L. Burnett (Div. 25)

Presiding Judge

(520) 724-8005

Lisa Abrams (Div. 30)


(520) 724-3630

Danielle J.K. Constant (Div. 12)


(520) 724-3113

Catherine Woods (Div. 17)


(520) 724-9897

John J. Assini (Div. 58/I)


(520) 724-8594

Sandra Bensley (Div. 66/Q)


(520) 724-4416

Patricia Green (Div. 56/G)


(520) 724-8176

Nicholas A. Knauer (Div. 52/B)


(520) 724-4210

Derek Koltunovich (Div. 67/R)


(520) 724-7684

Lisa Schriner Lewis (Div. 63/E)


(520) 724-8045

Gilbert Rosales Jr. (Div. 62/N)


(520) 724-2997

Michael Vampotic (Div. 60/K)


(520) 724-8434

Nathan T. Wade (Div. 50/A)


(520) 724-9376

M. June Harris (Div. XR)

Hearing Officer

(520) 724-4271