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Pima County Juvenile Court
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Michael J. Butler

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There are two types of arrests – paper arrest and physical arrest.

If your child is physically referred, the parents/guardians will be notified upon his or her arrival to the Pima County Juvenile Court. A validated risk assessment will be conducted by a probation officer in the intake department with respect to release. If it is determined that the minor may be released, parents/guardians will be required to pick them up. If the minor is detained, a detention hearing will be scheduled within 24 hours. At that time, a probation officer will be assigned to your case and you will receive more information from this officer. (See Detention Hearing)

If your child is paper referred, i.e., cited and released by the police, you will be contacted by a probation officer within 15 days to set up an interview. During this interview, you will receive all pertinent information regarding the charges and your child’s rights.

When a child is physically referred, a detention hearing is held within 24 hours before a Juvenile Court Judge. Detention Hearings are held Monday – Friday at 2:30 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays at 9 a.m. The parents/guardians are required to attend. This hearing serves to determine whether the minor will continue to be detained pending their next hearing or if they will be released to their parent or guardian. A probation officer is assigned to the case prior to the hearing and will reach out to the appropriate parties for background information related to the juvenile. At the hearing, the Judge will hear recommendations from the probation officer, county attorney and public defender regarding release. Based on information provided at the hearing, the Judge will issue an order either releasing the minor to an appropriate party or detaining the youth until the next hearing. 

Youth who are referred to Pima County Juvenile Court and were not adjudicated Arizona Revised Statues (8-349 (L) states…” the juvenile probation department shall destroy the records that concern a referral or citation that did not result in further action or that resulted in a successful completion of diversion within ninety days after the person who was the subject of the referral or citation reaches eighteen (18) years of age.”

In ordered to qualify for destruction of records for youth who were adjudicated, at a minimum, must be at least 18 years of age, not convicted of a felony offense and all fines and restitution must have been paid in full. For all youth adjudicated delinquent, follow the process below: 

Click HERE to download the four (4) forms you may need (Application to Set Aside Juvenile Adjudication, Application for Destruction of Juvenile Records, Application to Restore Firearms Rights and Order Regarding Application for Destruction of Records). These forms must be filled out, printed, and taken in person to the Clerk of the Court at Pima County Juvenile Court 2225 E Ajo Way 85713. Additional information regarding destruction of records can be accessed at

Printed application forms for the destruction of juvenile records are also located in the Resource Center located at Pima County Juvenile Court.

The Pima County Public Defenders Office is willing to answer questions and assist with the application for destruction of records process FREE of charge. To contact the Public Defenders Office please call (520) 724-2994.

If you need language assistance, please contact the interpreter's office at (520) 724-2961 to schedule the services of an interpreter free of charge.

Bring a current, valid, picture identification, and your case number, if available, to the Clerk’s Office at 2225 E Ajo Way, Tucson, AZ 85713.  The copy fee is $0.50 per page.  You may also call our main line for information at (520) 724-2064, if you are not able to come into the Court.