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Arizona Superior Court in Pima County

Juvenile Justice System Improvement

PCJCC is actively engaged Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI), Racial and Ethnic Equity and Inclusion and Evidence Based Practices for Juvenile Justice.

The Pima County Juvenile Court Center (PCJCC) is invested in the commitment of holding youth accountable in fair and just manner, assisting in the development of skills necessary for their success, and the use of responsible public resources. To effectively achieve community protection, restoring victims, and successful outcomes for children and families, the commitment to the vision, mission, and core values of the Pima County Juvenile Court Center (PCJCC) is important.

The JDAI, REEI, and EBP efforts lead not only to the reduction of crime, but also equity with the juvenile justice continuum. Since 1997, the mission of PCJCC to intentionally work toward improving the outcomes of Pima County families and children continues to be contingent upon philosophical commitment, development of sound policy and process, organizational prioritization, and adequate resources identification and allocation.

The accomplishments data continues to indicate demonstrates the appropriate and safe release of the majority of youth without risk to community protections, detention being used in the most effective manner, and the growth of collaboration between the juvenile court, community stakeholders, community members, and families.

We believe in our work to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities and reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities and the appropriate and necessary use of detention through data driven decisions.

This site will help you better understand the years of intentional work by the court, the committed individuals, organizations, and community members have performed to enable the focus of keeping youth in the community through developing and implementing efficient and effective services that are customer focused, culturally competent, and based on best practices to reduce recidivism.

We hope you enjoy our work and share in our passion and commitment to always continue the improvement of a fair and equal juvenile justice system serving the children and families of Pima County.