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Levels of supervision


For most first and second misdemeanor offenses the County Attorney (CA) has given probation discretion to divert these cases without CA review. These cases are NOT formally charged and these low level misdemeanor referrals are handled by a diversion process in which the probation officer in coordination with the youth and family draw up a diversion contract. These contracts could include agreeing to pay back the victim for any monetary losses, perform community service work and/or to participate in an education/counseling program designed to prevent their return to the court on a new offense. If youth successfully complete Diversion the county attorney will close the charges. In the event that youth fail to comply with Diversion the original charge (referral) is sent to the CA for review. 


Investigation Probation Officers receive petitions filed by the county attorney’s office, interview the juvenile and family involved, contact any victims, and gather information from schools and other sources. If a juvenile that is not on Probation is detained, Investigation officers are assigned to the new case to appear at the Detention hearing. If the juvenile is adjudicated delinquent, they prepare a report for the assigned judge who will hear the Disposition. As part of their report, the officers make recommendations to the court concerning supervision and treatment to address protection of the community and holding the juvenile accountable for their actions while promoting rehabilitation and competency.


Field probation officers provide supervision of the juveniles in the community to ensure that they are complying with court orders. Field officers are also “change agents” who work with the juvenile and family by building rapport through motivational interviewing and helping them gain access to services and programs that will increase their ability to be successful. 


The JIPS program provides our highest level of supervision. Our JIPS teams work as “change agents” who build rapport with youth and families and have face-to-face contact with juveniles a minimum of 4 times a week (depending on their level) at home, school, employment and/or counseling sites. Additionally, our JIPS teams have regular contact with parent/guardians, counselors, and teachers.


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