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Case Management Services

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The Civil Team is responsible for the calendaring process and monitoring of cases to ensure the cases are processed efficiently and accurately. The civil team is responsible for the following functions:

• Monitors cases on the dismissal calendar
• Issues administrative notices to the parties of impending dismissal for lack of service
• Submits orders of dismissal to the assigned judicial officers to administratively dismiss cases for lack of service and lack of prosecution
• Sets and coordinates settlement conferences between civil divisions
• Monitors arbitration cases
• Appoints arbitrators
• Processes appeals from arbitration
• Processes lower court appeals
• Provides customer service to the public and court personnel when necessary
• Performs data entry to build cases in the Court’s case management system
• Information is ascertained from reviewing imaged documents daily, (i.e., all opening documents, affidavits of service, orders to dismiss, etc.)
• Coordinates daily courtroom usage where there is no assigned courtroom
• Schedules judge pro tems to hear matters when Superior Court judicial officers are unavailable
• Reassigns cases resulting from recusals and/or notices of change of judge.

Kellie L. Johnson (Div. 26)

Presiding Judge

(520) 724-2966

Kyle Bryson (Div. 5)


(520) 724-4215

Gary Cohen (Div. 7)


(520) 724-9417

Brenden J. Griffin (Div. 1)


(520) 724-3906

Cynthia T. Kuhn (Div. 21)


(520) 724-9901

Greg Sakall (Div. 23)


(520) 724-8301

Wayne E. Yehling (Div. 11)


(520) 724-9894

M. June Harris (Div. XR)

Hearing Officer

(520) 724-4271

Michelle Metzger (Div. TO)

Hearing Officer

(520) 724-4370