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Arizona Superior Court in Pima County

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Case Management Services (520) 724-8427

See above for description of duties.

Clerk of the CourtExhibits (520) 724-3290

To admit exhibits for trials, please contact the exhibits division of the Clerk of the Court’s office.

Court AdministrationReception Area (520) 724-4217

If you need an Elmo, television, DVD player or any other equipment for a trial, please contact the Court Administration office to reserve the equipment. NOTE: The equipment should be reserved as soon as possible and there may be a charge for certain equipment.

Managing Court Reporter (520) 724-3114

If you need to order a transcript and the court reporter’s name cannot be ascertained by looking at the minute entry for a certain hearing date, trial, etc., call the managing court reporter to inquire about the name and phone number for the court reporter.

Kellie L. Johnson (Div. 26)

Presiding Judge

(520) 724-2966

Kyle Bryson (Div. 5)


(520) 724-4215

Gary Cohen (Div. 7)


(520) 724-9417

Brenden J. Griffin (Div. 1)


(520) 724-3906

Cynthia T. Kuhn (Div. 21)


(520) 724-9901

Greg Sakall (Div. 23)


(520) 724-8301

Wayne E. Yehling (Div. 11)


(520) 724-9894

M. June Harris (Div. XR)

Hearing Officer

(520) 724-4271

Michelle Metzger (Div. TO)

Hearing Officer

(520) 724-4370