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Arizona Superior Court in Pima County

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Court Services Division (520) 724-8427

See above for description of duties.

Clerk of the CourtExhibits (520) 724-3290

To admit exhibits for trials, please contact the exhibits division of the Clerk of the Court’s office.

Court AdministrationReception Area (520) 724-4217

If you need an Elmo, television, DVD player or any other equipment for a trial, please contact the Court Administration office to reserve the equipment. NOTE: The equipment should be reserved as soon as possible and there may be a charge for certain equipment.

Managing Court Reporter (520) 724-3114

If you need to order a transcript and the court reporter’s name cannot be ascertained by looking at the minute entry for a certain hearing date, trial, etc., call the managing court reporter to inquire about the name and phone number for the court reporter.

Greg Sakall (Div. 23)

Presiding Judge

(520) 724-8301

Kyle Bryson (Div. 5)


(520) 724-4215

Brenden J. Griffin (Div. 1)


(520) 724-3906

Cynthia T. Kuhn (Div. 21)


(520) 724-9901

James E. Marner (Div. 10)


(520) 724-9055

Wayne E. Yehling (Div. 11)


(520) 724-9894

M. June Harris (Div. XR)

Hearing Officer

(520) 724-4271

Michelle Metzger (Div. TO)

Hearing Officer

(520) 724-4370