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Civil Court Forms

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  • Title
  • Civil Cover Sheet
  • Garnishments
  • Garnishments Non-Earnings
  • Joint Report Form - Complex Case
  • Joint Report Form - Expedited Case
  • Joint Report Form - Standard Case
  • Name Change Adult
  • Name Change Minor
  • Joint or Family Name Change
  • Proposed Scheduling Order - Complex Case
  • Proposed Scheduling Order - Expedited Case
  • Proposed Scheduling Order - Standard Case
  • Stipulation for Summary Jury Trial
  • Civil FASTAR Program
    • FASTAR Forms
      • Title
      • FASTAR Choice Certificate
      • FASTAR Rules and Supreme Court Administrative Order 2017-116
      • Rule 102a FASTAR Certificate
      • Rule 102b FASTAR Controverting Certificate
    • ADR - Alternative Resolution
      • Title
      • FASTAR - Appeal from Arbitration and Motion to Set for Trial
      • FASTAR - Arbitration Award
      • FASTAR - Claim Against Pima County (Order to Pay Arbitrator)
      • FASTAR - I.R.S. Form W-9
      • FASTAR - Letter To Be Sent to Counsel-Parties After Appointment
      • FASTAR - Notice of Decision
      • FASTAR - Notice of Hearing
      • FASTAR - Peremptory Strike of Arbitrator
      • FASTAR - Prehearing Statement
      • FASTAR - Request for Payment
      • FASTAR - Request for Recusal
      • FASTAR - Stipulation and Order of Dismissal (Submitted to Trial Judge)
      • FASTAR - Stipulation and Order to Continue Arbitration Hearing
      • FASTAR - Stipulation and Order to Continue Dismissal Calendar
      • Motion for Entry of Judgment and Judgment
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