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Adoption laws are found in Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) §§ 8-101 through 8-135.

Review ARS § 8-105 regarding whether or not you need a Pre-Adoption Certification based on your individual circumstances.

ARS § 8-109 requires the prospective adoptive parent(s) to provide the following information when filing a petition to adopt:

The full name, age, and residence address of each prospective adoptive parent.

The date and place of the marriage if the prospective adoptive parent is married.

The prospective adoptive parent’s relationship to the child.

Either a certificate of acceptability to adopt, including the date the certificate of acceptability was issued, or a statement regarding the reason why such certification is not required.

The current living circumstances of the child (e.g. living with petitioner, etc.), and if NOT a step-parent adoption, the date and mechanism through which the child was placed with the prospective adoptive parent.

The child’s date and place of birth.

The full legal name of the child and the full proposed new name of the child, if a name change is requested.

A statement regarding the desire of the prospective adoptive parent(s) to adopt this child.

A full list and description of all property and valuables the child possesses.

Written consent from the requisite agency if the child is a ward of the court.

A statement regarding any fees or other thing(s) of value given or provided to any person or organization in connection with the child’s adoption.

ARS § 8-127 states that the County Attorney will prepare the adoption petition and act as the attorney, without expense to the potential adoptive parent. The Juvenile Division of the County Attorney’s Office* is located at 2235 East Ajo Way, Tucson, AZ. You may obtain forms, instructions, and additional information about their process, or to obtain additional instructions at their office. (*The County Attorney’s Office is within easy walking distance from the Court, and can be reached by walking just East of the Juvenile Court Center, crossing over the foot bridge from the Court Center parking lot.)



Rules governing adoption are contained in the Rules of Procedure for the Juvenile Court. Specifically, Rule 83 lists the documentation required to adopt in applicable situations. Different family circumstances may require additional or different documentation.

In some situations the following may be required:

A certified copy of the birth certificate of the child being adopted.  A notarized affidavit signed by the birth mother identifying all of the potential fathers of the child.

The original agreement between the birth parent and potential adoptive parent about future communication.

A formal social study.

A certification of adoption and an order of adoption.

Depending on your individual circumstances, the following documents may also be required:

An affidavit that a paternity search was conducted.

A certificate from the Department of Health Services signed by the state registrar identifying any search that was conducted to attempt to find potential fathers, and the results of any such search.

An affidavit that all potential fathers have been served with notice about the requested adoption.

An affidavit of compliance from an attorney or agency involved in the adoption.

A verified accounting, unless the prospective adoptive parent is a step-parent.

A notarized statement from any birth parent which grants or denies the child being adopted the opportunity in the future to obtain information about the birth parent, the child themselves, or the adoption.

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