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Pima County Juvenile Court Detention Center has ZERO Tolerance for Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse & Sexual Harassment

Pima County Juvenile Court Detention Center is committed to creating a safe environment and protecting our youth from harm and sexual victimization.

Any sexual conduct, sexual contact, sexual assault, sexual abuse or sexual harassment between PCJCC Detention Officers, PCJCC Personnel, volunteers, interns, mentors or contract personnel and juveniles and any such activity between juveniles is strictly Prohibited.

Any persons who have knowledge of such behavior are encouraged to call PREA Report Line at
(520) 724-9950

or send an email to [email protected]  and share your information.

PREA Coordinator
Guy McLee
(520) 724-9874

A. The DDD, in his/her discretion, may direct that an administrative investigation be conducted and may determine who shall conduct the investigation. The selected administrative investigator must have special training in sexual abuse investigations involving juvenile victims and follow a uniform evidence protocol. The administrative investigator shall conduct the investigation confidentially, promptly, thoroughly, and objectively. The administrative investigator will gather and preserve direct and circumstantial evidence and electronic monitoring data. If at any time during the investigation, the quality of the evidence appears to support criminal prosecution, the Director of Juvenile Court Services or DDD will consult with the prosecutors as to whether interviews may be an obstacle for later criminal prosecution.

B. Upon completion of the investigation, the investigator will compile a final report of the facts, findings and recommendations, to include a summary of the allegations, statements from the youth, personnel, and all witnesses, physical and testimonial evidence, and whether personnel actions or failures to act facilitated the abuse and submit the report to the DDD. This process needs to be completed within 5 days.

C. Substantiated allegations of conduct that appears to be criminal will be referred to law enforcement for investigation. Criminal investigations will include physical and DNA evidence.

Suzette Williams

Director of Detention Services

(520) 724-2929

Juvenile Detention
2225 East Ajo Way
Tucson, AZ 85713

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