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Intensive Probation Supervision - Field Services

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The mission of Intensive Probation Supervision (IPS) is to provide a structured program for high and medium risk probationers.  The program utilizes intensive interventions to promote positive, long-term behavioral changes and to reduce the likelihood of future criminal conduct. By identifying criminogenic factors, the program emphasizes surveillance and supervision strategies supported by evidenced-based practices. IPS provides a higher-level of supervision of probationers pursuant to court-ordered conditions of probation. Utilizing methods of control and correction, the program emphasizes public safety, probationer accountability, and victim restoration.

Each IPS team consists of a probation and surveillance officer. They perform unscheduled and varied field contacts to assure compliance with conditions. Officers approve the probationer’s weekly schedules to control activities, assist with basic human needs, direct them to appropriate treatment/education programs and monitor progress. Additionally, the IPS team utilizes motivational techniques through a system of incentives and sanctions to guide the probationer toward positive change.  Officers act as positive role models, assist probationers in developing mature and pro-social decision-making skills, and help probationers in securing and maintaining employment.  Surveillance and other interventions are proportionately matched to emerging or decreasing risk factors.

Intensive Probation Supervision Conditions of Probation

Uniform Conditions of Supervised Probation