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Victim Services

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Providing mandated services to victims of crime remains a high priority for the department and constitutes a cornerstone of its Mission Statement.  The department strongly promotes meaningful participation of victims in the criminal justice process in the following ways:

Obtaining victims' input during the investigation process including the impact of the offense, restitution amounts and sentencing recommendations.

Using a trauma-informed approach to refer victims of violent crimes to appropriate resources.

Informing victims of their right to be present and heard at court proceedings and their notification options.

Maintaining a high focus on the collection of restitution.

Requiring restitution-delinquent probationers to attend monthly Restitution Court hearings and face extra scrutiny of their finances.

Notifying victims of probationer's release or when supervision levels change on intensive probation cases.

Researching and promptly responding to victim concerns.

Victim Services is located at the Downtown Office - (520) 724-3800

Victim Services Brochure - English

Victim Services Brochure - Spanish