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To promote the public welfare by preserving, promoting and protecting family life and the institution of matrimony, to protect the rights of children, and to provide a means for the reconciliation of spouses and the amicable settlement of domestic and family controversies. (Arizona Revised Statute §25-381.01)

The Family Center of the Conciliation Court Provides Family Law Court Services Free of Charge to Residents of Pima County.

Tips for Joining a “Teams” Video Court Proceeding

Averhealth Drug Testing: New Broadway Office Location    

     ● 4433 E. Broadway Blvd., Suite 101, Tucson, AZ. 85711 (Formerly 4425 E. Broadway)
     ● Flowing Wells address (no change): 4003 N. Flowing Wells Road, Suite 101, Tucson, AZ 85705

Community Education

Professional staff members of the Conciliation Court are available to speak to community groups on topics of marriage, divorce, and the services provided by the Conciliation Court. Staff members are actively involved in community organizations that promote the best interest of families and children.

Family Center of the Conciliation Court (FCCC)

The Family Center of the Conciliation Court was established in 1963 by Arizona Law and is under the jurisdiction of the Pima County Superior Court. The professional staff members of the Conciliation Court have advanced degrees in the behavioral sciences and post-graduate experience in marriage and family therapy, mediation, and court-ordered evaluations.

Who Our Services Are For

The services of the Conciliation Court are available to any resident of Pima County and are available in English and Spanish. Other than the Mandatory Parent Education Class fee, there are no fees charged for services provided through the Conciliation Court.

What We Do

Mandatory Parent Education Program
Conciliation and Counseling Services
Legal Decision-Making/Parenting Time Mediation
Court Ordered Child Interviews
Legal Decision-Making/Parenting Time Evaluations
Parenting Coordination
Community Education

Joi Hollis, Ph.D.

Director of Conciliation Court

Conciliation Court

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