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Intercounty / Interstate Compact

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The Intercounty supervision unit supervises probationers sentenced in Arizona.  The intercounty unit facilitates transfer request applications for probationers sentenced in Pima County but wishing to reside in another county.  Probationers sentenced in counties other than Pima County, but wishing to reside in Pima County, must apply for courtesy supervision through the probation department in their sentencing county.  Once the application has been received by Pima County, the intercounty unit will investigate to determine if the probationer meets the requirements for intercounty supervision.  Requirements for courtesy supervision approval include, a stable residence; having resided in a county for 180 days at the time of sentencing or intending to reside in a county for a minimum of 120 days; family support within the county; and verifiable employment.  Probationers participating in a Pima County approved, long-term residential substance abuse treatment program for a minimum of 120 days, also qualify for intercounty supervision.


Interstate Compact

The Interstate Compact unit supervises probationers who requested to transfer to Pima County in Arizona.  This unit also supervises probationers who requested to reside in another state other than Arizona.  The Interstate Compact provides guidelines for the transfer of probationer supervision among all 50 states and most U.S. territories.

Probationers must meet certain criteria prior to requesting a transfer to Arizona.  The probationer must obtain an approved residence in the receiving state, must have a support network (family), and the ability to secure employment or show a visible means of support.

Probationers wishing to relocate to Pima County must first submit a request through their state compact office.  The request is forwarded to Arizona’s Deputy Compact Administrator and, if the request meets transfer criteria, it is then sent to Pima County, so a transfer investigation can be conducted.  This investigation will allow Pima County to verify all information and to determine if the information provided in the transfer is valid and accurate.  Interstate Compact guidelines allows 45 days for the transfer investigation to be completed.

Outgoing cases are handled by a probation officer who monitors cases being supervised in states other than Arizona.  This officer responds to requests from the receiving states and returns probationers to Arizona who are in violation of their probation conditions.