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Additional Important Information

Important Information:

In order to attend the parent education class pre-registration is required. There is no walk-in registration at class sites. You must register for a class at least 72 hours prior to the class date. Early registration is recommended as classes may fill up early. The earlier you register the more choices you may have in regard to class times and location.

In order to register you must have a Pima County Superior Court Case number and a receipt number from the Clerk of Court.

Bring to class a photo I.D., your Superior Court case number, receipt of payment or copy of deferment/waiver paperwork, and a pen.

Plan to arrive 20 minutes prior to class time. Once class starts, late arrivals will be asked to Reschedule.

●  No children are allowed in the class.
●  Parents must attend separate classes.
●  Only those who have registered for the class may attend.
●  Classroom maybe cold - bring a sweater or jacket.
●  You must attend the entire class in order to receive certificate of completion.
●  Completion certificates cannot be issued without a photo I.D. or proof of payment.
●  The JCC training center is no longer allowing food or beverages inside their classrooms (only water).
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