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Student Internship Program

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Students are invited to supplement their academic curriculum through internship opportunities available with either the Pretrial Services' (PTS) Assessment Office located at the Pima County Adult Detention Center OR in PTS's Supervised Release Office located at 150 West Congress.

The general focus of the internship is to provide students with the opportunity to learn about work in a structured criminal justice setting and develop professional-caliber skills related to conducting interviews, assessing information and preparing reports and recommendations.  Interns should expect to interview pretrial defendants, conduct background investigations and assist in preparation of bail recommendations and/or defendant monitoring tasks.

Essential Functions

(Performing the below duties and demonstrating the desired skills may be utilized to evaluate the intern at the completion of their internship.)

The Pretrial Services Assessment Office conducts assessments for the setting of bail conditions for pretrial defendants who have been arrested in Pima County. Interns will help interview defendants, contact collateral references and assist with the preparation of bail recommendations for initial appearance hearings.  This PTS Office supports initial appearance hearings which are held twice daily and 365 days each year.

The Pretrial Services Supervised Release Office monitors pretrial defendants who have been released pending trial. Interns will assist Pretrial Services Officers in the supervision of these defendants by helping conduct court date reminders, manage defendant contact requirements and prepare supervision performance notifications for the court. The intern will have exposure to supervision related duties while supporting Pretrial Services Officers.

The interns are expected to exhibit and develop skills in the following:

Be customer service orientated to court employees and the public.

Develop and demonstrate excellent verbal and written communications skills to include phone and e-mail etiquette.

Develop and demonstrate good listening skills to obtain proper information.

Develop and demonstrate understanding of working with confidential and sensitive information.

Develop and demonstrate experience working with diverse populations.

Must have basic skills to operate a desktop computer using Windows based or Microsoft Office software.

Students interested in this program must:

Be enrolled in a four-year degree program as a Junior or Senior.

Be at least 20 years of age and work the designated hours of the intern position on a part-time basis.

Commit to intern a minimum of 135 hours per semester.

Have no Felony Convictions.

Agree to submit to fingerprinting and criminal history check.

Agree to sign a "No Hostage" waiver for the Sheriff's Department.

Internships are available each semester, with application review taking place prior to each semester’s initiation. Students can work in the evenings and weekends if desired.

If interested contact Pretrial Services main office line at (520) 724-3310 and ask to speak with the intern coordinator.

Internship Brochure

Domingo Corona

Director of Pretrial Services

Administrative West Building
150 West Congress Street
1st Floor
Tucson, AZ 85701
(520) 724-3310

    Office Hours:

    8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

    Monday – Friday

    (except Court Holidays)


(520) 222-0536


[email protected]

Pima County Adult Detention Complex
1270 West Silverlake Road
Tucson, Arizona 85713
(520) 351-8282

    Office Hours: 24 Hours

    365 Days per Year


(520) 351-8276