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Supervised Release

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This program area consists of staff members whose responsibilities with the pretrial defendant begin after the initial appearance hearing. Defendant monitoring and post-initial appearance investigations are the two primary staff functions in this area.


This agency is assigned third-party custody of defendants who are otherwise eligible for release but have been determined by the court to require monitoring and/or social-service referrals to help assure compliance to release conditions.  The supervision Pretrial Services (PTS) provides is based on a community corrections model, and defendants are assigned to a specific PTS officer who will monitor them during the pretrial period.  A needs assessment is conducted, and each defendant is designated with an appropriate level of supervision based on the agency’s risk assessment process.  Toxicological tests (urinalysis and breath analysis) are conducted on site; referrals for supportive services (substance abuse or behavioral health counseling, employment assistance, etc.) are made to agencies throughout the community.  If a defendant violates any of the court-ordered release conditions, PTS provides notice to the judge and, when appropriate, the defendant’s conditions of release are modified.


Those defendants who are held on a financial bond at their initial appearance will be afforded a sequential evaluation of their release suitability.  If new information or changed circumstances warrant a reconsideration of a defendant's release conditions, PTS will prepare a written report for the court with an updated recommendation regarding release conditions.  Attempts are also made to contact defendants who fail to appear for a scheduled court date in order to arrange for their surrender on the warrant.

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