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Family Court Forms

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  • Filing Fees
    • Title
    • Filing Fees - Domestic Relations
    • Packet 12 - Deferral or Waiver of Fees and Cost
  • Start or Respond: Divorce, Custody, Support
    • Title
    • Packet 01 - Divorce - General Information
    • Summary Consent Decree With Children
    • Summary Consent Decree Without Children
    • Packet 02 - Divorce With Children - Petition
    • Packet 03 - Divorce With Children - Response
    • Packet 04 - Divorce With Children - Decree
    • Packet 05 - Divorce Without Children - Petition
    • Packet 06 - Divorce Without Children - Response
    • Packet 07 - Divorce Without Children - Decree
    • Packet 08 - Child Support
    • Child Support Calculator
    • Child Support Order (Efiling compatible)
    • Income Withholding for Support (Efiling compatible)
    • Packet 09 - Parenting Plans
    • Packet 10 - Service on the Other Party
    • Packet 11 - Default Judgment or Decree
    • Packet 13a - Temporary Orders, Pre-Judgment/Decree
    • Packet 14 - Trial Preparation
    • Packet 15 - Mediation
    • Packet 16 - Conciliation
    • Packet 17 - Paternity - General Information
    • Packet 18 - Paternity - Petition
    • Packet 19 - Paternity - Response
    • Packet 20 - Paternity - Judgment
    • Packet 21 - Paternity - Service on the Other Party
  • Informal Family Law Trial
    • Title
    • Helpful Information about Family Law Trials
    • How to fill out the Motion to Set and IFLT Election
    • Motion to Set Trial Date
    • Informal Trial Election
    • How to file the Motion to Set and the IFLT Election
  • Post Decree, Enforce or Modify Existing Orders
    • Title
    • Packet 22a - Agreement to Stop Income Withholding Order (Parties in Agreement)
    • Packet 22b - Petition to Stop Income Withholding Order (Parties Not in Agreement)
    • Packet 23 - Modification of Parenting Time and Legal Decision-Making
    • Post Decree Temporary Modification Order Without Notice
    • Packet 24 - Modification of Child Support
    • Agreement to Modify Child Support
    • Petition to Modify Child Support (Simplified Process)
    • Request for Hearing and Notice of Hearing for Child Support (Simplified Process)
    • Request to Enforce Legal Decision-Making or Parenting Time
    • Packet 25 - Request to Enforce Support
    • Packet 26 - Request to Enforce (Non-Support Orders)
    • Packet 28 - Notice of Intent to Relocate
    • Affidavit of Direct Payments
    • Petition to Establish Legal Decision-Making and Parenting Time
  • Other Family Court Forms
    • Title
    • Agreement to Continue and Order
    • Confidential Sensitive Data and Instructions
    • Consent Decree for Dissolution
    • Evidence Manual - Child Support
    • Family Law Pleading Form
    • Financial Affidavit - All Matters
    • Instructions for Financial Affidavit - All Matters
    • Financial Affidavit - Child Support Only
    • Instructions for Financial Affidavit - Child Support Only
    • Good Faith Consultation Certificate
    • Motion to Continue and Notice
    • Motion to Appear by Telephone
    • Notice of Hearing - Generic
    • Notice of New Address / Phone / E-mail
    • Order to Appear - Generic
    • Petition to Establish Child Support
    • Pre-Decree Temporary Orders Without Notice
    • Resolution Statement - Divorce
    • Resolution Statement - Paternity
    • Subpoena Appearance
    • Subpoena Duces Tecum
  • Online legal forms are useful for frequent, basic, and necessary tasks. The legal forms are intended for use by persons who are not represented by an attorney. The forms may provide helpful guidance to attorneys who do not normally practice in this area of the state or country, as only forms issued by Arizona Superior Court in Pima County are valid for use in this court.

    The use of a legal form from this website is not a substitute for legal advice. Consult the relevant statutes and rules when preparing your legal documents. If you have legal questions, consult an attorney who practices in this area of the law and has the expertise you need.

    Prepared forms must be printed and filed with the Clerk of the Superior Court, 110 W. Congress, Tucson, Arizona 85701. The Clerk of the Superior Court has a fee schedule for filing fees that must be paid with the filing of these legal forms and the cost of making copies. The fees are subject to change. Please check with the Clerk of the Superior Court for a schedule of fees or for additional information on filing requirements.

    Methods of acceptable payment of fees are:

    In person - cash, money order, personal check (with driver's license number written in), or credit card.

    By mail - money order or personal check (with driver's license number written in).