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Pursuant to Superior Court Administrative Order 2017-02, it is the responsibility of private attorneys, Public and Legal Defenders, County Attorneys, and the Office of the Court Appointed Counsel to provide qualified interpretation and translation services for witness interviews, transcription and translations required as court exhibits.

If there is a conflict between the petitioner and the respondent about how a document or text was transcribed or translated, or any other legal reason for the verification of a court document, our office can perform verifications of translations and transcriptions, but it will require a court order.  In addition, interpreters do not provide sight translations of specialized technical language forms such as medical reports, legal decrees, or contracts.  Sight translations should be limited to non-technical and brief written documents such as letters to the judge.

 Attorneys are encouraged to use qualified interpreter/translators that are on the official qualified interpreter lists. Our office can provide a list of court certified Spanish and lesser used language translators. You can reach us by phone at: (520) 724-3888 or email [email protected] for Superior Court and (520) 724-2961 or email [email protected] for Juvenile Court .

The Court Interpretation and Translation Services Division of the Arizona Superior Court in Pima County is committed to ensuring meaningful access to protect the rights of all court users. Limited English language skills and/or Language/Communication Disabilities should not be a barrier to accessing justice.

Ramiro Alviar

Director of CITS

Superior Court - Ramir Evarola
(520) 724-3888
[email protected]

Juvenile Court - Sarha Beltran
(520) 724-2961
[email protected]