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Helping parents to the road of recovery.
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WHAT IS RAISE Family Treatment Court (RAISE FTC)


Born of the Court’s desire to better address the increasing concern of drug abuse and how it impacts families, RAISE Family Treatment Court (RAISE FTC) has been serving Pima County since 2001. As one of the first RAISE Family Treatment Court in the nation, it continues to be a leader and innovator in the field.


Pima County RAISE Family Treatment Court is a voluntary program for parents whose children are in the legal custody of the Department of Child Safety (DCS). Our team supports clients in overcoming barriers to success in their DCS case plan with the goal of helping parents gain strength in their recovery, reunify with their children, and graduate from RAISE FTC. This is done through a structured program that requires our clients to come to court frequently, meet with their support team weekly, and work their DCS case plan.


The best way to answer that is: the rest of your dependency. That’s because for almost every new client, their dependency case will transfer to a DCS case manager that is in the RAISE FTC-DCS Unit located with us at Juvenile Court. These DCS case managers work closely with RAISE FTC staff in support of the parent’s reunification efforts. Quite often our clients have their dependency closed at their RAISE Family Treatment Court graduation.


This program has an excellent track record for helping our participants reunify successfully with their children. Compared to non-RAISE FTC cases, our clients have a much higher chance of success in their dependency – even if they don’t complete the whole RAISE FTC program!

RAISE Family Treatment Court WORKS!

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