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If you are a parent with a dependency case and drug or alcohol use was part of the reason DCS got involved, then as part of your DCS case plan you will be asked to come to one session of RAISE FTC to observe the program. You will reeive a certificate of attendance when you observe.

If you would like to have more support and guidance while you go through your dependency case, you should think about joining RAISE FTC.

RAISE FTC court sessions happen at Juvenile Court in courtroom #9 every Wednesday (unless it gets cancelled on holiday weeks; call (520) 724-4754 to find out when the next session is scheduled or refer to the schedule). There are two women’s sessions: 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM. The men’s session is at 3:30 PM.


When a parent observes a session of RAISE FTC they can decide whether or not they would like to apply to join the program. If the answer is “yes,” then before they leave the session they will be scheduled for an intake interview with RAISE FTC staff. After the intake interview, staff will determine if the parent is appropriate for RAISE FTC and if so, schedule them to join the program. Before officially joining, the parent should have already started the services requested by DCS.


Clients who join RAISE FTC start out by attending a session every week. As they make progress in their dependency and reach certain milestones or goals in their case, clients come less and less often to court.  As time goes on, Clients spend more time maintaining progress they’ve made and having more responsibility for their childs’ day-to-day needs. Participants work to reach important milestones like “unsupervised visits” and “overnight visits”. Each success is celebrated with a standing ovation in court. The final celebration is RAISE FTC graduation, which sometimes happens at the same time as the dependency case is closed.

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