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Helping parents to the road of recovery.
Returning parents to their children.


"RAISE FTC has helped me to get my family, my life and my true self back..."

- RAISE FTC Graduate

“My RSS has been a blessing to have in my recovery. She was one of the few people who listened to me when I was going through tough times and stopped to listen to my side of situations...”

- RAISE FTC Graduate

“My mom graduated from drug court and that’s good and I’m happy to be back home.”

- Daughter of RAISE FTC Graduate

“Unlike the litigation process, RAISE FTC reaffirms to every individual that they are worthwhile, that they can succeed, and that people have faith in them…RAISE FTC creates an atmosphere in which a client can, sometimes for the first time, begin to feel positive about themselves and positive about the outcomes in their lives.”

- Attorney

“As a therapist and researcher, I have not seen anything that I believe is as effective and supportive and helps clients develop social skills, relationships and peer support in the community or that provides a better therapeutic advantage than  RAISE Family Treatment Court.”

- Substance Abuse Therapist

RAISE Family Treatment Court WORKS!

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RAISE Family Treatment Court

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