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Benefits of RAISE FTC

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Helping parents to the road of recovery.
Returning parents to their children.

BENEFITS OF RAISE Family Treatment Court (RAISE FTC)

If you have an open dependency case – including an in-home dependency – and you have struggled with substance abuse, here are some things RAISE Family Treatment Court can offer you:


RAISE FTC has Recovery Support Specialists (RSS) on staff who are in recovery from addiction themselves and have years of sobriety. Your assigned RSS will offer support and walk beside you throughout your dependency case, helping you navigate this challenging process.


In addition to your RSS you’ll have a team of RAISE FTC and DCS staff behind you. The RAISE FTC Case Specialist will help you get set up in the program. Also, co-located with RAISE FTC at Juvenile Court, is a Unit of DCS case workers who take over the management for almost all cases for parents who join RAISE FTC. Through it all, you’ll have the RAISE FTC Judge encouraging you each time you come to a session.


Our clients come to RAISE FTC sessions each week at first, then less frequently as they make progress in their dependency case. The team holds our clients accountable for the things they need to do in order to be successful in their case.


RAISE FTC staff know how the dependency and behavioral health systems work. We will advocate for our clients so that they are sure to get the services they want and need to achieve success. We help parents find specialized services such as trauma-focused therapy, evidence-based parenting classes, and parent-child relationship therapy.

When you’re in RAISE Family Treatment Court, you don’t fall through the cracks!

RAISE Family Treatment Court WORKS!

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