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FASTAR Description & Forms

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Fast Trial and Alternative Resolution Program (FASTAR)

Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure (ARCP 101-126) provide that in civil cases where the amount in controversy (excluding attorney’s fees, interest, and costs) does not exceed a certain amount, the case must be referred to the FASTAR Pilot Program. In Pima County the jurisdictional limit is $50,000.00.

At the time a complaint is filed, the Plaintiff must file a separate statement with the Court indicating whether the case is subject to the FASTAR program. The case is referred to the FASTAR program when the Defendant files an answer to the complaint. If there is a dispute whether the case qualifies for the FASTAR program, the Court decides after hearing each side’s arguments.

The rules provide for the FASTAR program as a method of getting smaller disputes resolved more quickly and in a less costly manner. A person’s right to a trial by jury, however, is preserved because a Plaintiff may choose either binding arbitration or a fast trial while a Defendant may appeal an unsatisfactory arbitration award. On appeal, the case returns to the trial judge, and it proceeds to a fast trial, either before a jury or the judge.

FASTAR Rules and Supreme Court Order


Rule 102 (a) FASTAR Certificate
Rule 102 (b) FASTAR Controverting Certificate
FASTAR Choice Certificate

ADR Arbitration Forms:

FASTAR - Request for Recusal
FASTAR - Peremptory Strike of Arbitrator
FASTAR - Letter To Be Sent to Counsel-Parties After Appointment
FASTAR - Notice of Hearing
FASTAR - Prehearing Statement
FASTAR - Stipulation and Order of Dismissal (Submitted to Trial Judge)
FASTAR - Stipulation and Order to Continue Arbitration Hearing
FASTAR - Stipulation and Order to Continue Dismissal Calendar
FASTAR - Notice of Decision
FASTAR - Arbitration Award
FASTAR - Appeal from Arbitration and Motion to Set for Trial
Motion for Entry of Judgment and Judgment
FASTAR - I.R.S. Form W-9
FASTAR - Request for Payment
FASTAR - Claim Against Pima County (Order to Pay Arbitrator)
FASTAR - Non-Compensated Arbitration Claimed for CLE Credit

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